2020 Cancelled Back in 2021

Dear Clients

We are so sorry to announce that after so many swim camps consecutively since the 1950’s.

This year is cancelled. There are so many restrictions in place that its just not feasible or viable.

We will of course return next year with bells on and make up for lost time.

The Dormer Instinct tells me with the chlorine in our water and the determination of the team to succeed together we’ve got this !

Good luck with all your sports activities especially swimming over the coming seasons.

Total Aquatics is with you every step of the way and proud to be a part of your journey.

Stay safe and go steady lets hope this madness ends in the new year and we can move forward.

Best Regards

Luke Dormer, Laurie Dormer (RIP) ,Laura Dormer, Joseph Dormer,
Henry Gray, Andrea Wears, Fran Fletcher (RIP) ,
Laura Fletcher, Meg Fletcher,
Abby Blades, Naomi De-Voogt

+ Too many more coaches to mention #Pontins #HellWeek #Southall #Ealing #Bournemouth #TotalAquaticsUK #TotalAquaticsSpain

Also of course our very valued partners in the town of Eyemouth.

See you in 2021 😀🙏💪👊👏💥💞🐡🐟🐙🌍✈🚢🕧💧💧󾓪🏊🏊🏊🏊

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